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Wireline Perforating:


Well Service of VA-TN can configure solutions for all of your perforating needs. With our knowledge and experience, we can customize systems for maximum penetration and maximum shot diameters to ensure a clean perforation that will yield high treatability in even the “tightest” formations. We offer a wide range of shot from small diameter tubing perforations to large hole - deep perforations by utilizing our expendable gun systems. By following the market closely we can offer cost effective solutions in a timely manner.

All of our Wireline Engineers stay current with State and local laws through bi-annual training classes. Each Engineer is required to be a certified blaster in their respective state of operations. We currently have blasters in Virginia, West Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Pennsylvania and Ohio.

To ensure we have the best fit solution for you we welcome you to visit our vendors’ web sites.

















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